This wiki is your guide to Boston's role in the American Revolution,
with 36 articles about the town where the child independence was born.


What Made Boston Revolutionary?

Boston in the mid-to-late 18th century was a bustling port town in the British colony of Massachusetts. A town that would become the "Cradle of Liberty" and the crucible of the American Revolution.

What was it about Boston? What happened in those few decades to transform a colony into a revolutionary epicenter? Why was it Boston's crooked streets that birthed the angry mobs of revolution? Why were the limits of parliamentary power first challenged in the behind the brick walls of Boston's civic buildings?

There is no single answer. Everything about Boston's culture, from its maritime spirit to it's puritan roots served to spark a revolution in the minds and hearts of the people. That spirit is the focus of this wiki. We hope to create more than a useful compendium of articles, but a glimpse into a time, a place and a state of mind that was truly revolutionary!


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