Mercy Otis Warren

Mercy Otis Warren


The Better Sort
Political scale
Radical Patriot (9)
Allowed in the OSH?
No Admittance

· You are an intelligent and independent woman. Your family and marital connections throw you into the center of Patriot politics.

  • You belong to the Patriot elite. You are not just an observer, as you often help create propaganda.
  • You write plays satirizing Loyalists. You viciously mock Loyalist individuals using thinly disguised nicknames. Other Patriots begin using your nicknames as code names – for example, Thomas Hutchinson was “Rapatio.”
  • As your reputation as a writer grows, John Adams asks you to write a poem celebrating the Boston Tea Party. This is a great honor for any writer. The poem you create is an allegorical farce titled “The Squabble of the Sea-Nymphs.”
  • In 1805, you publish a celebrated three-volume history of the Revolution, “The Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American Revolution” in your own name, despite strong prejudice against female writers.
  • After the revolution, you are strongly Anti-Federalist, (interested in democracy and a weak federal government) and the history you write, while factually accurate, contains your political bias. You and John Adams (who is a Federalist) have a falling-out because of the way you downplay his contributions.
  • You and Abigail Adams are friends and pen-pals for 40 years. The friendship is rocky during your falling out with her husband, but you forgive one another.
  • James Otis, your brother, goes mad in his old age, and you do your best to cover it up, keep him out of the public eye, and maintain his reputation.

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