Portrait of Henry Pelham by step-brother John Singleton Copley

(February 14, 1749 - 1806)

Middling Sort
Political Views
Loyalist (4)
Allowed in the Old State House?
First Floor Only

You are a multi-talented young man but fail to make your mark on Revolutionary Boston.

  • You come from an artistic family and follow in your step-brother’s footsteps as a portrait artist, but you remain in his shadow.
  • Paul Revere, a friend of yours, plagiarizes your print of the Boston Massacre, robbing you of the credit.
  • You are seen as a Loyalist because of family connections, making you a target of Patriot intimidation tactics.
  • You move to Britain and forge a career as a civil engineer, cartographer, and astronomer.
  • While overseeing a construction project, you tragically drown.

Social NetworkEdit

  • John Singleton Copley, (step-brother)
  • Paul Revere, colleague and friend