Hannah Adams


Occupation: Writer, Teacher

Class: Middling Sort

Political Scale: 6

OSH Clearance: Not allowed

You are a tremendously intelligent woman who takes every opportunity for self-improvement and becomes the first female professional writer in America.

  • Your mother dies when you are very young and your father’s fortunes fail so he is forced to take in and tutor young students.
  • You study Greek, Latin, and Religion along with the students who rent rooms in your house.
  • Learning quickly, you are soon able to tutor young men yourself.
  • During the Revolution you support your family by making lace, teaching, and writing.
  • You achieve literary acclaim with a book about world religions which makes you a sought-after celebrity dinner guest throughout New England.

Social Network:

  • Thomas Adams (father)
  • John Adams (distant cousin)
  • Abigail Adams (house guest)