Dr. Samuel Prescott (1751 – c. 1777)

Occupation: Physician

Class: The Better Sort

Allowed in the OSH? Yes. Allowed on the Second Floor? Yes?

Political scale: 10

You are the gentleman of the three who make the “midnight ride” from Boston to Lexington on

April 18, 1775.

- You keep a relatively low profile during the Revolution, but you are also an active Patriot. You carry messages between Patriot leaders.

- You are chosen along with Paul Revere as one of the riders to gallop to Lexington to warn the Patriots that the British Army is on the move.

- Except for your Patriotic beliefs, you would probably never interact with the likes of Revere and Dawes -- you are a wealthy gentleman, although a working one.

- On the night of the famous ride, you join Warren, Revere, and Dawes after visiting your fiancée, Lydia Mulliken, until the late hour of one in the morning. The historical record is unclear on this point, but some people believe that that was the night that you proposed.

- You become a surgeon in the Continental Army, and later in the crew of a privateer ship. You are captured by the Royal Navy and die as a prisoner in Halifax in 1777.

- You and Lydia never get the opportunity to marry. Some time after your death, she marries someone else.

Social Connections: Joseph Warren, Paul Revere, William Dawes, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Lydia Mulliken (fiancee)