Sculpture of Deborah Sampson in the town of Sharon, MA. Artist Lu Stubbs.

Deborah Sampson (1760-1827)

Occupation: Revolutionary Soldier

Class: Lower Sort

Political Scale: 9

Allowed in the Old State House? No Admittance

· Since women are not allowed to enlist, you disguise yourself as a man to join the Continental Army. You manage to escape discovery for five years.

· You pass easily for a man when in disguise and enlist as ‘Robert Shurtleff.’

-You fight in several battles and are shot in the leg. You tend to your wounds yourself to keep your gender secret. As a result your leg never heals properly.

· You contract a fever and are tended to by a doctor who discovers your secret. You are given an honorable discharge from the army.

·You get married, have children, and adopt an orphan.

· Your friend Paul Revere argues your case to get you veteran’s benefits.

-You are the first woman soldier to receive veteran's benefits.

Social Network: Paul Revere (friend), General John Patterson (soldier), General Henry Knox (soldier), Benjamin Gannett (husband)